Av: Martin berg

Baby youre my angel without wings but ima make you learn how to fly
even if the sky is to high girl dont be shy and try We are gonna find the way out of this place,
even more far away than space because all i ever want to see is your face.
Girl youre the one that makes me smile for real, else i just have been hiding behind this tears of a
clown but you draged me out of it At the first when you was just passin by i was just to shy
to express myself but this time im changing my mind and telling words wich is hard to find.
All i think of is you, trough and trough, youre the name i write in the mirror after i have taken a
shower, Even tho we havent met that much it takes five seconds and i get the rush.
We got the same dream, we live in the same steam I dedicate this song to you, because
i adore you i could write a whole world and more, only from that little time that we have met.
Girl we gotta meet we cant just hang out at the streets, just take the time that you need ill be
here waiting even if im cold and shaking Things like you is hard to find,
but you pushed me up when i was losing my mind.

Texten skrev Martin, riktigt bra!
Fortsätter du såhär så kommer du bli stor!

Postat av: theresé

ojjj martin wow!

det där trodde jag inte, va dukitg han är? :O

shit fan va kul! :D

2010-11-22 @ 22:19:59
URL: http://theresepetterssson.blogg.se/

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